Adobe Premiere Pro vs After Effects

Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects are widely used in any video production and also film industry in the world. Both apps are produced by Adobe. Many people are using both apps because they can offer a lot of useful features for all users. They are different tools that come with different functions. Premiere Pro is a powerful video editing tool that has already become a standard in the film industry for the last few years. 

On the other hand, After Effects is a tool for creating advanced visual effects and beautiful graphics. Most users usually use Premiere Pro for editing the video, then transfer the video to the After Effects for adding some visual effects. In this article, we are going to discuss some differences between the Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. So what about Adobe Premiere Pro Alternatives?

a. Interface

Winner: Adobe Premiere Pro. When we are talking about the interface from both apps, we know that the Adobe Premiere Pro has a better interface than the After Effects. The interface of this Premiere Pro software is suitable for all video editors, including beginners who want to edit any videos from the first day. When you are using After Effects, you are going to watch some tutorial videos and do some trial and error for learning about this tool.

b. Basic Effects

Winner: Premiere Pro. Both tools are equipped with the ability to add some effects to the video. However, many beginners love using the Adobe Premiere Pro because it offers some basic video effects for all users. The average video editors will be able to use this tool easily. It is good enough to make some edits to your video. If you only want to add some simple effects to your video, the Premiere Pro will be good enough for you. 

c. Advanced Visual Effects

Winner: After Effects. The After Effects is a special tool that is created to help all users to make films or movies with a lot of effects. If you are looking for any advanced visual effects for your video, the After Effects will be a good choice for you. You can even create 3D motion graphics, text animation, graphics, cartoon animation, etc when using After Effects. All of these features are not available for you who are using the Premiere Pro. 

d. Text Editing

Winner: After Effects. Although Premiere Pro does basic text editing, this tool has fewer features than After Effects. The After Effects can help you create some text animation or other visual effects easily. This tool is a total winner when we are talking about this feature. It even has a good ability to add 3D motion to the text. 

e. Workflow

Winner: Tie. Both Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects can be used seamlessly. Adobe has already made everything simple by connecting both apps. You can use Adobe’s Dynamic link that will connect both apps. Every change or effect you make on your video with After Effects will also be reflected in Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro will hold all the edits and cuts, while the After Effects can be used to add some advanced visual effects to the video. 

Both Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects cost $20.99 per month or $399.88 per year. You can choose the best one that will be suitable for your needs. Adobe also offers some other pricing plans, including business, teacher, and student business pricing options for all users. Visit the official website of Adobe when you want to take a look at the pricing options for both tools. 

Premiere Pro will be a powerful tool that is suitable for all users. Most majority editors will need to use this tool for doing all basic tasks on video editing projects. Some features from this tool include video stabilization, motion tracking, audio engineering, color correction, and also basic motion graphics. All of these features are good enough to make this platform one of the best video editing tools in the industry. 

After Effects is a reliable video compositing software that can be used to add some advanced visual effects. If you are seeking specialized visual effects for your video, this tool will be a good choice for you. 


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